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Welcome to Tabooboo

Tabooboo was born to encourage people to smile, think and communicate a little more….in all areas of their lives but especially when it comes to sex! Unfortunately the words sex and sex toys can be quite emotive and are often subject to some pretty irrational, misinformed and sometimes just blatantly prejudiced thinking.

It's easy to understand why though. We tend to define things by what has been rather than what can be in life and 'what has been' in the market for sex accessories has unfortunately usually been quite grim.

Tabooboo was created to offer something different. Innovative functional designs providing good value and beautiful packaging. The market has traditionally been polarised by products that sort of work but are quite tacky and cheaply made, and a new wave of overpriced expensive ornament products that look good but fall short on performance.

At tabooboo you will find beautifully made products, well packaged and sold only in decent design led environments - never in tacky novelty outlets or porn stores.

The goodies we sell at Tabooboo are designed to help you have a little more fun and if this helps you smile, think and communicate a little more then the world will be a better place.

At Tabooboo we manufacture and sell a wide range of underwear, shoes, accessories, Tabooboo toys and Love liquids